Can a very hacksaw undergrad with good grades and GMAT make it to a good b school (LBS OR US TOP 5)?

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very hacksaw undergrad from Zimbabwe?

No,from Iran

I’d say highly unlikely. I looked at the resume book from my business school and can see maybe 1-3 people that could have fit this profile, but nobody came off the top of my head, and the ones that fit this profile seemed to have some unusual life circumstance of overcoming diversity, they had checked off a bunch of demographic boxes (one that came to mind in my graduating class = female / minority / engineer / grew up below poverty line / LGBT), or had some very atypical but verifiable way of demonstrating leadership and vision.

But hey, with enough intelligence and grit, I think it’s possible to accomplish most things in life. If that’s your goal, why let anyone tell you “no”?

Iif you look at the alma maters of incoming classes of top MBA programs (I know Harvard does this), you’ll find some terrible schools on there. Maybe not Tehran Technical Institute, though.

that’s where connections and big $ donations kick in.

Except, if you’ve really got the connections and big $ to sneak your way into Harvard MBA, couldn’t you at least buy your way into a half decent school? There’s a whole constellation of liberal arts schools with the main admissions criteria being 1) willingness to pay full freight and 2) your dad went there (or knows the dean etc.)

Harvard Undergrad is easier in many ways than MBA. For example, I know a guy that got a full academic scholarship to Harvard with a 3.0 HS gpa. He was really good at sports, which as it happens is in academia (ever hear of Phys. Ed.?). He was this good:

In response to OP, given the parameters you set of having good grades and a high GMAT, you can definitely get in to a top 5 school given you have something else going for you (unique background, interesting and high caliber work experience, insanely good looks, etc.)


The way hacksaw is defined in this forum is kind of strange,for example do you guys consider cass or warwick in uk to be hacksaw?

If not ,how hard is it to get into their graduate programs?

My undergrad is so hacksaw that you need 4 saws to saw of your ****in case each one is rusty and breaks in the process.By the way I am new as a member but have been following this forum from long ago.(Please stick to the original subject however)

Good thing the cleaning staff is coming into my office today, because this made me laugh so hard I spewed coffee all over my monitor.

I think you have a better chance of getting into a top business school than you think, because unlike some of the recent graduates on this forum who think they know everything but actually don’t know their head from their @$$, you seem sociable and have a good sense of humor. That will get you far in life, both personally and professionally.


Its not that a bad undergrad keeps you from a top MBA but rather that a bad undergrad probably won’t let you get the type of front office roles that would give you a strong enough profile work experience wise to be accepted to a top MBA. If you worked at McKinsey or Blackstone straight out of undergrad or some shit, nobody is going to really care what school you went to. Of course that is highly unlikely, so the answer is usually no.

I know a guy that went to my hacksaw university for undergrad and was harvard business school classs president. It’s very possble.

“No, no, no they didn’t. But you could imagine what it’d be like if they did, right?”

Uh, he actually did. Im serious.

Respect. And you can go far with a hacksaw MBA, I’m living proof as someone who ‘started from the bottom now I’m here.’

While Top 2 would be nice, I am not so sure how well I wouldn’t mingled with those nepotistic trust fund yuppies who fill those classrooms.

Drake, however, is full of shite when he says that he 'started from the bottom."

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To the other people who saw my other thread regarding changing from accounting to finance.Dude I cant change to finance.I lwould have loved it but I cant I have to stick to accounting then change my job role to a more finance oriented role than accounting

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Drake was raised in an upper middle class family in a suburb of Toronto.