Can anyone post the new curriculum as compare to the last year?

I am so mad right now. I know there is a tread about the new curriculum as compare to the last year. Can someone post it please? I like to see if I can start studying since I plan to register in February of 2009.

Hey, I failed as well. I sat down and compared the 2008 and 2009 CR and noticed only minor changes. (i.e 1 los was dropped and 1 los was added), and some minor changes throughout mainly composed of moving material around. I will post what i foundin a couple of days, im too depressed to do anything today.

I know, I am so depressed by this result now. I found this link, I think that answer my question.,796254

I used that link too, but I have some more details to add to that as well. I will post in a couple of days.