Can anyone who has unsuccessfully attempted Level 2 in the past share their results ?

Just to get an idea of the pass percentage would anyone be kind enough to share there unsucessful results ? Thanks in advance.

do a little research -

I failed once and passed in 2015… I’m sure my results matrix is in the 2015 thread somewhere.

Thing is most people end up surprised by the results matrix which makes me think there are a generous amount of adjustments… (questions removed/ points awarded for 2/3 answers… etc) In 2 years of studying over 500 hours I never scored above 65% on a Schweser mock…

Problem is that “most candidates” are scoring between 55-65% so when they set the MPS… tons of people get on the wrong side of the line by 1 questions… (band 10)… band 9 and 8 may be just 2-3 questions beyond that

Thanks for the link. Politeness would have been appreciated.

Thanks danv… Thats certainly helpful :slight_smile:

Yes. Band 8 in 2016:

Learning from failure… some analysis and plan «»


Band 9:

Less than/Equal to 50: AI, CF

Between 51-70: Deri, Equity, Ethics, FI, PM

More than 71: Econ, FRA, Quants

2016 Band 9 (mid-high 50s mocks, highest score on a half mock was 36/60)

Over 70 in Quant and Corp Fin

50 to 70 in Econ, Equity, FRA, Fixed, Ethics

Under 50 in Alt, Derivs and Port

this year high 60s to mid 70s on mocks, and 304/450 aggregate score on Topic Tests (67.6%). Hoping for the best.

Goodluck Tommy. I pray it goes well for you

why do you do this. All depends on the people you write with in that year

was band 7 in 2015 and I knew going in I was weak in quant and nowhere in PM…was getting low 60s on mocks.

in 2016 I studied more and passed easily. What sunk me in 2015 was overly focusing on FRA and corp fin under the false premise it would carry me due to higher weighting

I prefer not to do any of this analysis and just do my best each and every year.

Band 9 2016

  • <=50% - Alts

  • 51%-70% - cf, derivs, eco, eq, ethics, fra

  • >70% - fi, pm, quants

Did 1 mock (60%)

fingers crossed tomorrow!!

Damn… that’s a tough Band 9

Failed last year, band 10.

Alternative Investments (18): <=50% Corporate Finance (36): >70% Derivatives (36): <=50% Economics (36): 51-70% Equity Investments (54): 51-70% Ethical & Professional Standards (36): 51-70% Financial Reporting & Analysis (72): 51-70% Fixed Income Investments (36): 51-70% Portfolio Management (18): >70% Quantitative Methods (18): >70%

Failed Band 9 last year… failed FRA and PM, and that basically sunk me.

Band 9 in 2015 (matrix below), came back and killed it in 2016. Comparatively I studied a little harder and did more mocks in 2016. Felt like I had a better idea of what to expect as a re-taker (and was that much more familiar with the curriculum). Good luck today everyone, hard work pays off!

>70: AI, Ethics, FI

50-70: Der, Eq, FRA, PM

<50: CF, Econ, QM

Band 10 in 2015, passed handily the following year.

Edit: Band 10 Matrix below:

Alternative Investments (18): 51-70% Corporate Finance (36): <=50% Derivatives (36): 51-70% Economics (18): <=50% Equity Investments (72): >70% Ethical & Professional Standards (36): 51-70% Financial Reporting & Analysis (72): <=50% Fixed Income Investments (36): 51-70% Portfolio Management (18): 51-70% Quantitative Methods (18): 51-70%

is this the band 10 matrix?

then i am toast