Can Carelessness overweigh your hard work ?

This is it ! I m like too tensed over this , would want you ppl to help me get over this.

I made 4-5 silly mistakes i came to know of ! They were very easy questions but out of carelessness i did them wrong, and some how i am not able to forgive myself. The though of all my hardwork going to waste is creeping me out !

Besides I had like 10-12 blank guesses in the morning session with a few educated guesses and 4-5 blank guesses in the afternoon session with quite a few educated guesses ! However Ethics went like really well hoping to get 10/12 right atleast.

Do u ppl see me getting through this tym ?

TIA Guys :slight_smile:


Why can’t you forgive yourself ?! You should be proud for making it this far and for being able to finish the massive curriculum of L2

Do you think it makes sense to torture yourself for the coming two months over this exam that already cost you months of your life?

I guarentee you every sigle candidate made silly mistakes … You did the best you could … So give yourself a break and enjoy life before you have to start studying again for next year

ya u r ryt , bt the thought keeps coming bck nw tht is inevitable bt ya m tryn nt to lose it and njoy :slight_smile:

Goodluck to u too !

r u missin keys on u kbd ? :slight_smile:

You are right, at this stage there is no reasons to overworry.

That’s why the exam has 120 question. We are always going to loose 10% of the exam due to silly mistakes.

Be cool

Yes, it can.

Dont sweat it and trust your hard work. Your goal is not to get 100%, you can miss 36 questions and still pass.

Everyone is in the same boat and depending on how you managed your time there were probably lots of people in much worse shape than you. There were people in my test centre that said with one minute left they had a full item set left to do so they had to completely guess on 6 questions … be happy you only made a couple dumb mistakes and you’re not guessing blind like they had to

it can but it may not if many others have also been careless (which can be the case)… so you can still be hopeful,good luck!