Can CFA change my career?

I am working as a FX trader at bank for 7 years in Asia (not HK or Singapore), and I graduated from the top tier business program in the U.S around 2010. When I was recruiting, I only focused on becoming a trader, and my undergrad GPA sucked, so I had limited interview offers. I originally wanted to work in the top tier banks in New York or London, but I had to come back to home country to secure a trading job.

Many years passed, and I registered for CFA Level 1 for this upcoming June. FX Trading desks at many banks already reduced a large number of traders with technological advance in algorithmic trading, so I am seriously considering career change in long run. I think advisory functions will not be easily replaced by A.I., so I am considering investment banking or private equity as my future career destination.

I want to ask for advice if CFA charter would make it possible for me to switch my career from trader to investment banking or private equity side. I know I have zero working experience in banking.

What would be alternatives if transition to banking does not look feasible? I am also considering asset management(fixed income or alternative investment) as possible options.

Only you can change your career.

I second that.

Not the best approach to look at the program.

An expectation for transformation leads to disappointment !

Start a hedge fund, work for yourself, earn big bonuses!

You know, I like your moxy. Send me your resume kid.