Can CFA Charter be awarded to financial analyst of construction industry

Can CFA Charter be awarded to financial analyst of Construction Company say working in finance team of interior designing firm if all other criteria of affecting investment decisions making of its firm is satisfied . Or is it compulsory to do job in firm which belongs to financial services industry.

I am part finance team of a construction and design consultancy firm taking care of expanding business through merger, acquisition and purchase of other firm/ sole proprietorship etc with deal in equity/ cash and also involved in affecting decisions to raising equity and debt fund and doing related financial analysis of my firm.

I think you could easily characterize this as investments-related, and I don’t think the Institute would raise any issues.

Sounds legit

Folks from various sectors working in finance get the charter. It’s not an MBA for sure but what you describe is more investing and less operational finance.

Computer scientists gaining charter today to have domain expertise to apply to fintech ventures. It’s still the gold standard in investing.