Can employers verify if you passed a level?

Can an employer or potential employer verify that you have passed or failed a CFA exam?

you’re not thinking about lying are you?

I wish they weren’t allowed to ask that question.

I know when you pass Level III they give you two copies of the charter so you can give one to your employer

Nah, not thinking of about lying. I was reading through the FAQ’s online, and it sounds like employers can not get any information from the CFA Institute other than a receipt of your payments. So it got me wondering if employers could even tell whether or not you’ve passed any of the CFA levels at all, and if not then why do so many employers prefer candidates that have started their CFA exams? The information is totally bogus if they can not verify it until you get the official CFA charter.

matt, but what if you want to change employers? do you ask your previous employer for your charter back??

i have to verify if i want to get my fees and books rebated by my firm…@thats over $1k of cash in bank prize incentive for me…