Can exam stress cause high Blood pressure??

Today i got my BP checked and the results were 155/84.My doctor adviced me to take BP lowering medicines until the CFA L2 exams are over.

Is it normal to have High BP two weeks before CFA exam??

*I am 24 years old.I was earlier diagnosed with High BP in Feb 2014.

I think you’re exaggerating. 155 is already well into hypertension levels

my normal BP range is 135/80.

My doctors says that it is normal since i do weight training almost every day.

Short answer, yes.

Rahul, it would be good to try to learn to deal with stress better now. While the CFA is important, it shouldn’t be causing your blood pressure to go up. Stress ages you and causes illness. You will always have something stressful going on (especially working in finance) so I encourage you to deal with it now. Exercise, healthy diet, yoga etc can help, but your overall outlook and ability to see the bigger picture is what really matters.

i think a happy ending will do you good

Hell yes, these next few weeks are extremely stressful and that will most certainly impact your blood pressure. I havent got mine checked but i dont wake up with morning wood lately.


Stress will do crazy things to your body. I am apparently suffering from something called central serous retinopathy that alters the vision in my right eye due to excess stress. Treatment is one pill a day that will clear things up over time with little to no side effects but somewhat scary. Now some of that stress is coming as a result of Level 2 of course but I also became a father last week so stress will come from both positive and negative sources. To better health for all.

Just wait until you have kids or real job pressures or other real stresses.

^ Word!

my homeboy has a kid. he chills and plays golf most of the time. lets the wife and her fam take care of the kid.

living the good life

In the short term, take deep breaths and let go. I find the best way is “karmanye vadhikaraste” or “do your best and don’t worry about outcomes that you cannot possibly control.” Yoga will help.

In the long term, stop eating samosas and start eating carrots. High fiber, baby!

I am one of those 40+ YOs you think are after young women (may be true) but my BP is 120/72 in spite of the life’s usual problems, which multiply when you stand on your own two feet, not eating mom-made gajar ka halwa at home.