Can I afford to ignore private equity valuation?

Hello everyone,

I hope your level 2 preparation is going well.

I was wondering if I could completely ignore private equity. It has too many new terms and concepts and I feel it may not be worth the effort. From my preparation for level 1, I feel there are certain topics which require a disproportionate amount of effort and are better off skipped.

What do you think?

Do so at your peril.

This ain’t Level I.

You can skip anything, but if it comes on the exam you will be lost forever :smiley:

I just put this link on another thread,

if you get < 50% for equity, you will not pass.

^ untrue. Regardless, pirvate equity =/= equity investments

Sorry if this comes off as harsh, but I just do not understand this mindset. Why would you ever intentionally ignore something that could be asked on the exam? Even if you dedicate far less time to it than other readings or topics… completely ignore? Crazy.

So true. Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to master private equity, at least skim through it a few times and do some practice problems. There’s no way to predict what’s going to be on the exam as it’s all fair game. Learn it the best you can and don’t ignore any topic.

Time. Expected guessing rate is 33%. If you cant put the time in you need to decide whether to half ass all sections and pray you get over 70% or know a bit over half of the material really well and guess on the rest.

I might prefer to take the chance that I can bullshit my way through 6 econ questions questions than spend a week ignoring the meatier topics just to improve my total score by one or two points. The test is pass/fail, you dont get a consolation prize for band 10. If youre expecting to score ~50-60% you may as well hope for lucky sampling.

This could be 6 questions you’ll get wrong on a test where you know you are going to get questions wrong. It’s you’re choice.