Can I be charged for violation?

Dear all,

I sat for the recently concluded level II exam. During my exam, I misplaced my admit card and I am faced with a situation where i might be reported for violation.

Incident so happened, that after i completed the morning session i took my belongings and kept it in my bag. I was carrying multiple copies of the admit card in my bag, so when i returned to the exam Centre I realized that I have accidently fetched one of the copies (not original) from my bag.

At the registration counter, I informed the proctor about the same. They handed me another admit card (manually written by proctor) and started writing something in a violation form. I was completely unaware, whether this could cause a violation and I thought it could be just a procedure. Later on, I went again to the proctor (since there was some time left for the start of the afternoon session), and asked if I should bring the original admit card (which was in my car), if this a grave violation and if my exam will be barred. They said it is fine and there is nothing to worry. But i am now very confused, as to why did they write something in a violation form and if my exams will be barred.

Is misplacing admit card a violation under my situation?

Kindly help!!

During my L1 exam last December, a girl came back to the PM session with a new admit ticket sheet. The proctor asked her why this was unmarked and what happen to her original. She said she threw it away cause she didn’t know. The proctors looked at each other and one told the other, just write her seat number the new sheet and carry on.

i don’t think it matters . It’s petty.

“Least likely” a violation :grin:

I don’t think it is a violation. However, they still need to report this. There is a reason why they don’t give our admission ticket back to us after the PM Session of the Exam. They need to send the original Admission Ticket (which has Seat Number Marked from both AM and PM Session) back to CFA Institute. Since in your case, they are unable to send back your original admission ticket from the Morning session, they will have to submit the reason why they didn’t submit your admission ticket back to the CFA Institute.

However, I don’t think you should worry. Just enjoy your time and Don’t worry too much about it now.

Nothing to be worried about.

Why wouldn’t you have just asked the proctors and brought this to their attention?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. When I took L1 i brought a back up copy of the ticket in my pocket, and had both in my pocket in the PM session when I went to the bathroom. When I got home I realized I had turned in the blank copy and took home the copy marked with my seat by the proctor. I spent two months panicking thinking this was a violation and in the end nothing happened. I would imagine your case is the same sometimes we over think this stuff

I have a friend who wrote on his Admit Ticket, and received a written “minor” violation from CFAI – but because it wasn’t “major”, they did not let it affect his outcome. That year, he passed.


Thanks everyone for your responses. Its a big respite. Hoping of no major setbacks.

All the best to everyone.

LOL…Sounds like there is a spurious correlation between keeping an extra copy of the Admission ticket in your pocket and Passing the Exam.


I’ll smack you in the head with the quant book. no more of this!

I think they still have to report it in case of cheating but if you do get pulled up you can explain yourself. It’s petty because they still had to verify your ID at each session.

speaking of cheating there was an episode of “Border Security New Zealand” where a girl from China was found with multiple fake passports with different names and I noticed that she had CFA books in her possession when she was pulled up by NZ customs. So looks like there’s a black market where people pay others to sit the CFA exam for them using fake passports…and the sad (or funny) part of this story was, the CFA books were for Level 1! really?! cheating on Level 1 already…def not CFA charterholder material for the cheater.

dude if you received the email on July 16th saying they would send you the date later, I think you are fine.