Can I do CFA with a joint major in eco and maths?

hello. I’m still in University and studying joint major in economics and mathematics. I am willing to do CFA but it is related to finance so I had a question whether I will be able to do CFA without having a major in finance? How difficult would it be for me to do CFA having a joint major in econ and maths?

I had an econ degree, no finance classes and an intro accounting course and I did fine. If you’re doing math as a major, you’re much smarter than I am.

To register, you need to be at least in the last year of a bachelor’s degree. To get the charter, you need to pass the 3 exams (min 18 months, avg candidate takes 4 years), and to have 4 years of industry experience.

Some graduate level Econ might help, econometrics and prob & stats in particular. I was math/Econ with zero accounting and one intro corporate finance class and got through it 3/3. Then again I’m pretty smart. That’s really the deciding factor.

Yes it should not be a big problem

My degrees are in accounting (BA) and math (BA & MA).

I did OK.

+1 very similar background here relative to Charlie Work.

What helped was the applied math/probability/combinatorics classes coupled with heavy doses of econometrics. Albeit was well over a decade since i was in school. Nonetheless, was kinda funny that i never took an actual stats or accounting course in my life and had to make up considerable ground with some basics. Brute force studying is a helluva concept…

One of the guys from Duck Dynasty could complete the CFA if they properly dedicate the right amount of time.

IDK if you should be admitting that.

Again guys if you have math background you should use these skills in programming

You could be a Women’s Studies major and still pass the exams, as long as you put in the effort. Although you might be the first.

The level 1 part of the exam is basically a recap of a finance undergrad degree. Level 1 will set you up for 2 and 3 so yea i believe you can come from any background and pass.

of course you can. Anyone, even Walmart cashiers or Whole Foods store managers or dog walkers can register to take the exam.

Yes, CFAI says that you need an undergrad degree (not implying that folks I listed above lack a BA or BS) in order to take the exam but all they need is a half decent, half page letter why, despite lacking college degree and relevant experience, you should be able to take the exam.

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