Can i enter the CFA exam on a 4 year junior clerk experience?

I dont have a degree bt i have 4 year experience as a junior clerk .Is this experience enough for me to enter the CFA exam level 1,2 and 3? any help would be deeply appreciated.


Below are the requirements to register from the CFA website (note the 2nd bullet point). I think you may qualify for having the four years of professional experience. Was your junior clerk job a full time position? If so, you should be good. Either way, they will give you a decision before they accept your enrollment. Could you explain your junior clerk position a little better to me? Also, why did you choose not to get a degree (just wondering)?

Have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree

  • or be in the final year of your bachelor’s degree program at the time of registration*
  • or have four years of professional work experience (does not have to be investment related)
  • or have a combination of professional work and college experience that totals at least four years. Part-time positions do not qualify, and the four-year total must be accrued prior to enrollment.

Junior clerk as in accounting? If so you should be good.

For some personal reasons i couldnt persue bachelors degree but im thinking to take admission in a bachelors program (most probably finance) this year…im 27 right now and currently only i have is 4+ years experience as a clerk…m still wondering does it qualify me or not…is it qualified enough? any help would be appreciated…

I believe you will be okay. They will give you a decision before they accept your enrollment, I believe. If you’re still unsure, try emailing them.