Can i get a motivation to study L2 ?

not sure where L1 pass yet, but i think it is right thing to prepare L2 during this time. but but but i just dont have the mood !! am i lazy ? am i still thinking about L 1 ? am i bored by exams in whole my life ?? , aaarrrrrrr… anyone can give me some advice ? where to get some motivation.

don’t worry about studying bro just chill out and smoke a blunt

Why study breh Just chill out and smoke a bowl of green.

in other news, L2 FSA is an absolute fucking disaster

L2 FSA is tough, that’s for sure. I did decent in Level 1, but still feel very stupid in Level 2 mostly especially due to that FSA. I’m going to approach it with the mindset that my IQ was cut in half and I have mild amnesia. I think the problem is that you can’t distill the FSA into simple principles, but rather have to keep track of the “ifs”, “ands”, “buts”, “ors”, and “howevers”. I suppose that with more experience, you can think of the bewildering rules in terms of higher order principles, but as for now the information is totally incompressible and I have to take it as it is - by bending over and grabbing my ankles.

just think about the money you just spent on this, 600 bucks.

start now…get your nose in the book. or dont. and waste a year of your life.,619157,page=1 I don’t want that feeling. Gives me motivation.

It’s still early enough…take a week and make a real mess of your life (go drink every night, party until 4 in the morning, pick up easy people, etc…) By the end of the week, you’ll have a wicked hangover, will be depressed because you just blew through a ton of cash and may have picked up an STD or two, and will only have this Forum and the CFA exam to bring you back to sanity. Good luck and please post pictures to help motivate the others in your shoes.