Can I get anything in Chicago?

I am definitely looking out for a career change. I have heen working as a senior credit analyst for small community bank in indianapolis for for over 4 years. I have a MS in finance coulpled with my Level 3 candidate. I would love to take a look at the Chi City ( or Windy City) whatever you want call it “Chicago Baby”, this where I want be. Would you please give me some advice dudes, gals too :slight_smile: Please email me any thought at: or respond to my post. Thanks folks, you have been there for me for a while, now it is time for you to move me out of the NAP TOWN, I do not want to stay here anymore.

What the heck? None of you answer me, have you all been laid off and therefore does not want me to add more to you pain? Lol:) Seriously guys, I want to leave this small town, help please!

HAve you been in chicago in the winter time? its a horrible place to be. but other than that its the best city on planet earth. as for jobs, of course there are numerous jobs here and you should be able to land one. try monster, or careerbuilder and search on chicago jobs.

DUDE I went to UIUC, I know the city very, very well. I was wondering if you know some specfic Head Hunters or recruiters thatI could contact to move quickly in the process. I cannot wait.

Haha, I’ve been laid off and am happy to help–just realize that there’s not a whole lot out there right now…

haha, I will take whatever they give me as long as there is a future for me, meaning, it is in the investment area, Invemtment bank, insurance, treasury, pension you name it. I promise I will not get into your way. :slight_smile:

Dude, every job out there in every major city gets 100+ applicants these days. With odds like that I’d rather it be somebody I remotely know getting in my way/beating me for a job than just sending my resume into the black hole…


move to LA far better weather and hotter chicks

I went to UCLA for a while. But LA is a bit far for me. I am from Haiti, tickets are no cheap to fly from the Pacific to the Atlantic. But to be honest with you I like LA a lot. I used to leave on Campus, Sepuvalda Blvd, across Santa-Monica Blvd. Don’t get me started dude. THis is the hostest City in this country