Can I get my Money Back

I am unable to take the exam this year due to personal reasons. Can i request a refund of the exam fees from the CFAI?

you might as well try

I don’t think so…

you should get secret sauce and try to game the exam . . . it is worth a shot

i doubt they will let you, as theyve already reserved a seat for you, printed an exam, sent you textbooks, but it cant hurt to try and perhaps get partial refund. unless it is a dire conflict on that day, i agree to get the secret sauce and do a lot of praying and perhaps you can pull it off.

just take it if you cant get your money back. you got a higher chance now with the whole 3 options

not a chance in hell the only time i know when someone here managed to get their money back was when they were being deployed to iraq or afghanistan or something

CFAI is very strict with their rules, ie their way or the highway. Notice how they sent out another email regarding the ID issue? I believe it states that their is a 48 hr window to request a refund. One of the guys in my study group found out like 3 days after he signed up for the exam that his wife was pregnant and would be giving birth about a month before the exam. They said, “Read the fine print, sorry, but congrats on the kid!!” I would agree with sharpshooter, unless you’re being deployed for military reasons, they’re gonna say sorry, but tks for the money. Give it a whirl, what the hell at this point.