Can i make it? How am i doing for time..

I am currently on study session 10 right now. Reading 25. I started study 8 months ago. Every study session has been a struggle and I have required a lot of time inorder to understand. Is it possible that I can make it.? The material I studied a long time ago. I do not remember a lot of it. As it was such a long time ago. I have read posts here people have finished the course and doing second or third revisions and exams. I am kinda stressed at the moment. Any possible plans in how to best make use of time left. Any advice/help appreciated.

Never mind how far along people are. There are always crazy people that finish reading months ahead of time. It never guarantees anything on exam day

thanks iter is it possible to get away without doing a lot of exams. As I feel that I may not have enough time for exams and how many minimal exams should i do and which one schewser am pm or cfa stuff are useful. any advice for me given my position. thanks