Can I pass level 2 without studying any calculation question?

Does anyone know the proportion of theory to calculation quetions in the CFA exams? If I just study all the theory questions and get them right and guess all the calculation questions, and if half is theory, half is calculation, then 50% + 0.333*50% = 67%, I should be able to pass.

you need to think – is it worth doing that? What are you getting a CFA charter for? To be able to “analyze” - and to become an analyst - you better sharpen your quantitative tools and have the data to back up. if you need to bs, better bs with the data to back it up.

also understand that the numbers behind the theory is what brings the theory to life. and the question you are asking is something that CANNOT be answered. The exam you will be taking in 5 months time has already been set and prepared. You do not know what awaits you. So do what you can in the time in between - to prepare.

I don’t think you can. Period. If it were possible, many more would have had passed the exam in the past. You imply that BBAs, MBAs, or ANYONE who had worked in banking, or whatever, presumably wouldn’t have to study for this test? I don’t think that’s true for most people. It’s like all the other tests. If you study, you’d do better. It’s a moot point, and a redundant question. If you care enough to sign up, read up.

I don’t think you can come to that conclusion with a proper statistical method. As I have demonstrated mathematically, if theory question is half, then it is perfectly viable method to pass the test.

No. You cannot.

Is anyone else going to point out the irony that he used math to prove he doesn’t need math?

It is also possible to pass without any preparation by randomly filling all answers but the probability is quite low ( around 2*10^-14).

More seriously, i think you can skip the most complex calculations such as calculation of correct prices of interest rate swaps and still be ok but why not give you the best chance of sucess?

Almost all calculations are trivial compare to what quants are doing…

What’s the point of wanting the CFA charter without wanting to learn the content? This is rather counterintuitive.

Good luck to those that put in the effort.

Boring idea. Sit the exam without a calculator. Even if you fail, it will be a giant leap toward a skyrocketing career in the high frequency trading.

You are also assuming you get every single theory question right. That is a poor assumption based on all data ever posted on this & other sites. Stop trying to game the system and actually do the work. Quant L2 is really not that bad and this is coming from someone who sucks at statistics. I find regression to be easier than just raw probabilities.

Also the forwards stuff can be learned, there are calculations but you can learn the formulas in a conceptual way so they make sense.

" As I have demonstrated mathematically, if theory question is half, then it is perfectly viable method to pass the test."

IF the theory questions are half the paper. Would you be willing to bet on that? As someone who has attempted the Level II paper more than once, there is NO way that you can guess what would be on the exam… EVER.

I would advise against this strategy.