Can I post a job opening here?

Maybe he stole the information of the real Rohit Doshi and set up a fake email address.

ohai Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Maybe he stole the information of the real Rohit > Doshi and set up a fake email address. very possible. should we email rohit doshi at Citi right now?

My god, man. Email him right away. The real Rohit Doshi could be tied up in a basement and subjected to a variety of BDSM experiments. Meanwhile, the impostor is doing what he pleases with Rohit Doshi’s name, including posting job advertisements, buying gas, and using his stationery. His stationery!

Rohit Doshi, we believe that you are not the real Rohit Doshi, to prove that you are the real Rohit Doshi, we need your social security, bank statements, and pay stub from CITI so that we can be assured that you are not simply collecting resumes.

Also , Rohit , Wake will blow you cause he wants the job.

60k in NYC is better than 0k… or is it…

Rohit Doshi works at citi (if anyone is serious about job)

Any of you guys have ETF experience? I have a job if you do.

Thanks to people who have submitted resumes. Please keep the discussion focused on the job and stop speculating. I only shared this opening to seek the right candidates and give something back to the analyst forum committee. Please note: - Candidate should be eligible to work in USA - 0-3 years of total experience. - The opening is current, so people graduating in May will not be considered. I have received some applications that fit the criteria.

^ Nice work dude! I’m sure those in need will certainly appreciate you doing this. Keep up the good work!!

Pawn only wants to know compensation…Almost all of his post have that same theme…Weird

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this job here on the forum. It was a great thing to do. I don’t fit the criteria (Canadian, and don’t have the relevant work experience for a serious finance job… yet) but am always personally interested to read about what it takes to get this kind of dream job.