Can I qualify for CFA Level 1 exam?

Hey Everyone, I would like to say I am a newcomer here and I hope to have a nice experiance with everyone here on the CFA forums.

First, let me start with a question that I think is unique to me. That is, can I registar to sit for the June 2013 CFA Level 1 exam if I, for one of the enrollment reqiurements, have a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in Business Management degree from the international center of Northwood University in Michigan in Colombo, Sri Lanka at ANC Education (Pvt.) Ltd. or as of now, I am a fourth year student at the above University and I will be graduating in spring 2013 or eairlier depending on how many subjects I can take in the coming semestors where five will be the average.

Secondly, will I be able to get a refund of the payments I want to make at its eairliest becase then I can get my currisulum study pack as soon as possible, if I counldn’t registar because of the above problem.

Thanks in advance.

The answers can be found on the CFA website…but I’ll help you out here anyways:

  1. Yes, you can register for the Level 1 exam. CFAI allows people in their final year of undergraduate studies to enroll in the Level 1 exam; that’s what I did.

  2. You only get the curriculum shipped to you if you successfully register for an exam and your candidacy is approved by CFA Institute. For the CFA program, you don’t purchase the curriculum separately from your registration.

I hope this helps.

Yes you can. Enjoy your last year of undergrad!

Thanks man. I got a simmilar massege from CFAI as well.

Thanks for the reply.

No worries, best of luck in your studies!

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