Can I register for CFA L2 if I plan to graduate in May 2015?

Hello everyone,

I am currently a rising senior at a 4-year college in the States. My expected graduation date is in May 2015. I have passed the CFA Level 1 this summer, and I’m looking forward to preparing for Level 2 during my senior year. However, I find out that I need to have a bachelor degree to register for Level 2, which I don’t but I should have before the exam date in June 2015. I have contacted CFAI customer service and the lady there told me I could no register for the exam.

My question is do you know if there is any leeway that would allow me to register for the Level 2? I want to take it in 2015 so that I can study for it while I’m still at school.

And this is not related to my question, but I really don’t understand CFAI’s requirement on this. I mean it makes sense that they require candidates to have certain years of expereince and degree to get the charter, but why do they need those requirements for taking the exam?

They dont want college kids passing all three levels that would make their program a joke.

I was not “graduated” when I enrolled for Level 2.

I had a letter sent from my university to the CFAI indicating that I had met all my degree requirements and that my graduation was pending. (finished requirements in December 2013 and “graduation” was not until June 2104). This was sufficient for CFAI to take the exam.

Is it feasible to obtain the CFA Level 2 materials now and study, graduate when you do, quickly register upon graduation and take the exam?

Hope this helps.