Can I revise Level 1 in 2 weeks after 3 months gap ?


Wanna write my CFA Level 1 this Dec 2012. Wud be pursuing MS in Mathematical Finance from a top 10 univ starting this Fall and I heard that the course is very rigorous that its highly unlikely for me to devote enough time to study for CFA during the Fall semester. So, I thought of preparing for CFA now and finish it off before August… And then, revise for 2 weeks before Dec… Will that work ? Any suggestions ?

You might be able to get away with it on the level 1 exam. Some of the material will be repetitive from your undergrad and MS studies. If you have 2 full weeks to study full time, you might be able to pull it off.

Personally I only had 2 weeks to review for level 1 when I took in December and it felt like plenty of time for me. Obviously I did not have a 3 month gap without studying, but when i reviewed the early subjects during those two weeks the material came flooding back with relative ease. If you UNDERSTAND the material on the first read, then the review is much more productive/speedy. Hand-written notes as you go through will also be a big benefit so you can jot down some advice to yourself for the review. I say go for it and good luck! What’s the worst than can happen, you fail and are taking in June with a huge headstart on the material?