Can I say "CFA charter pending" on my resume?

Passed all 3 exams and will have my charter soon, but don’t yet.

Since on the website, they have a line for Status, and next to it, it says “CFA charter pending”, I would assume it is acceptable to put state about myself - “Passed all 3 CFA exams, CFA charter pending.”

if it makes any difference, i would not graft this after my name, I would put it on it’s own line.

sound right?

just noticed the other thread with the search link. will take a look.

Nah you can’t say that.

I think that’s a violation as it implies you will receive it. Just passing the 3 exams is no guarantee, still need the sponsor, get approved, have qualifying experience etc right?

I don’t *think* it’s a violation, especially since that is how CFAI describes your status on their website. However, stating your status this way might come across as pretentious. Also, clearly at least some people think that is is a violation. These two reasons are enough such that you should choose one of the many other ways to say you passed level 3.

^ Yea I never understood that fully either. Surely, if the CFAI’s own website lists your status as “charter pending”, I see that as a fact and there’s nothing with stating the fact that you are listed as “charter pending” on the website

You definitely cannot state that – it is not a fact

In one sense, every human is “charter pending” right from birth. However, CFAI divides everyone into 1) charterholders and 2) non-charterholders. There are no intermediate titles granted to semi-charterholders. Also, the CFAI don’t seem to be big fans of self-evaluation: you haven’t met the work experience requirements until the CFAI says that you have.

I don’t think the issue here is deeming this as an intermediate title. This would be a separate line, not a part of this person’s actual title. If this were considered an intermediate title you also would not be able to write “Level III CFA candidate” on your resume on a separate line. I think rather it is a question of how far the disclosure has to be in this case. I think Charter pending work approval is a nice in-between because it gives the correct impression that the CFA is in the process of approving your work experience. An employer looking for a CFA Charterholder would understand the process and know the difference.

I like the verbiage (personally), but I emailed CFAI and they said it’s not appropriate to use that terminology: Dear Mr. JCole21, Thank you for contacting us. The use of ‘charter pending’ is not acceptable. We recommend ‘I passed all three levels of the CFA program and will be eligible for award of the CFA charter upon completion of the required work experience.’ Note that since your charter has been awarded, you may use the CFA designation. Please let me know if I can assist you further. Regards, Kara ‘redacted’| Client Services Specialist | CFA Institute | 560 Ray C. Hunt Drive | Charlottesville, VA | 22903-0668 USA Follow CFA Institute online:│ │LinkedIn: Member Group │LinkedIn: Candidate Group

Wrong. If the CFAI website lists you as “pending”. It is definitely a fact to say “The CFAI website lists me as pending” I ultimately agree with JCole though, and if they say you can’t, then you can’t