can I say: CFA program is a postgraduate program in finance?

any violation?

haha, I was thinking of this one too from the sample exam. But the item set did not question this? so I’m still curious. I would say it is a violation. You are Misrepresenting because CFA is not a postgraduate program. I remember the CFAI website says it’s program is graduate-level material, BUT NOT a postgraduate program…VIOLATION!

I picked up the wrong one, coz I thought it’s not a proper reference to CFA designation… :frowning:

CFAI always thinks its unique and difference (and superior! yes, it’s violation!). So I reckon it won’t try to classify itself to be (just another) post-grad program. yes, violation!

if that’s the case, CFAI is way too tricky, they put a violation in the case and the guys made the rest reference to CFA correctly. question was asking whether the guy has any violation relating to the reference. clearly it’s a YES, how come the CFAI answer says NO??? really frustrated now!!!

It’s a professional designation, not an educational program. If you can register in your final year of undergrad, then how can it be post-graduate?

agree, but why is it not a violation? don’t know what CFAI was thinking about…

I guess they think that calling the CFA Examinations a post-graduate program is not misrepresentation, even though most people will clearly understand it as if it were something offered by a university or similar. I guess they think they are a post-graduate program.

thanks bchadwick, make sense. saw it somewhere on CFAI website, they mentioned CFA prog is post-grad equivalent… but didn’t say it’s a post-grad prog have to make my best judgment on the exam day then