Can i skip the chapter of Hypothesis in Quantitative methods

Hi, I was working on Hypothesis and it just flew way above my head. However i am just wondering if i could skip this chapter, but definitely master the other topics such as probablity , technical analysis ,TVM and other quant chapters. How relevant is Hypothesis in Investment Management or in the I Banking Industry? Advise / views required!!! Thanks

Level II quant it full of hypothesis testing. Even if you (somehow) get by Level I you’ll have to revisit it at Level II. What materials are you studying from?

I wouldn’t skip hypothesis testing. Here are some examples that could be helpful: Post specific questions if you are still lost.

Don’t completely skip over something, try your best to comprehend the material and then move on to something else but make a point to go back to it later on…there was a poster here (who shall rename nameless) that failed level 1 in december that had asked about skipping topics…you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

Thanks amalj, maratikus and spreads for the inputs. I will spend more time and get to understand Hypothesis. ( Dont think have an option - thanks guys for your inputs) @Amalj - using the CBOK and Kaplan 2011 Notes. Thanks

Yes you can …but master other topics…even if you skip no one can gaurantee that you’ll get >70.may be you won’t get <50 but still it’s abetter option to complete your course…1 single question can make a big difference.

yea… i completely skipped it as well and had no problem passing the exam. Still got >70% in Quant. Im sure I will have to learn it thoroughly for level II though. I would say if it presents a problem for you just skip it, but keep track of what you are skipping and dont let it get out of control. Honestly the only things i can say i totally skipped were hypothesis testing and that section in derivatives that discussed calculating the upper and lower bounds of option contract values. Other than that everything else was pretty straight forward it seemed.