can i still use my Dec '08 CFAI books? or are their significant changes?

I failed to properly ready myself for the Dec exam so I put off taking the exam until 6/09. however, i haven’t paid for it yet and as a result haven’t gotten updated books yet. In the mean time, do you guys think I can get by studying my books aimed for that exam? I highly doubt there have been more than cosmetic changes, but would like to verify w/others who may have insight. Thoughts? mc

I think on the CFA website there is a list of things they’ve changed. For the most part it is just an LOS here or there, so if it is only for a short while you should be fine. You missed the registration date. Just sign up for Dec 09 and use those books.

Try using the search function on this forum as well. This topic has been beaten to death.

The point is - - he can’t take the June exam sorry dude