Can I use 08 Books For 09 Test?

Just had a look here for the syllabus: I see the Financial Reporting and Analysis has changed from 2008 as it was called Financial Statement Analysis. Simple question - Can I use the 2008 books for a 2009 books or have things changed so much that it is wrong?

which books are you referring to. when you register and pay to sit for the CFA exam, you automatically receive the books. You have no choice, you must pay for them. Therefore, if you are going to pay and register for 2009, you will get the books for 2009. If you are referring to Schweser or another test prep company, you can generally use the prior years books for the current year. You would just refer to the CFAI’s materials for the new information that is not in the old test prep company’s materials.

I was referring to the Schweser books in all honesty - I ve had mixed responses to this :frowning: I think there are big changes in the syllabus between each year so I M not sure its a good idea to rely on old material

No dont rely on those old books solely. I m comparing LOS for both years these days and i have noticed that there are many additions. However, ethics and quant is the same…