Can I use Schweser 2014 edition for 2016 exam?

I’ve just passed CFA2 and would really appreciate some guidance on this. It looks like there are only minor changes from the 2015 syllabus to the 2016 one for the Level 3 exam, but right now, I have the 2014 Schweser notes, exams, etc.

  1. I was wondering if this edition will do, if supplemented with the CFAI 2016 syllabus?

  2. How different is the CFAI Level 3 syllabus for 2014 different from the 2016 one please?

  3. Would anyone recommend that I order only the Scweser exams and would there be a lot of benefit to that?

Thanks in advance to everyone who responds! Just seeing if I can save any money (and also start studying sooner than wait for the new edition to be ready)!

I am going to politely refrain from berading you. Given that Level 3 results aren’t out and there’s always a lot of tension around this time, you really should wait for results to come before inudating the boards with these types of questions.

Yes you can use 2014 books - changes have been very minor.