Can Indian Citizens Write CFA Exam Abroad???

Can anybody tell me if Indians can write the CFA exams in any other country than India by producing Indian passport as their proof of identity???

yeah cant see any reason y not…know a lotta indian who took the exam in dec 07 …its jus that CFA Institute cant conduct the exams in india

I haven’t been following the controversy. Why can’t people in India take the CFA exam?

…looks like someone somewhere didnt get paid off …so they decided to hamper the greater good by screwing the common man …

the local india cfa society split off from the cfa institute

Ami007 - my interpretation is that Indian nationals can take the exam in another country but the best way to finding out and etting an reliable answer is sending a mail to to CFAinstitute (, they are very quick at coming back to you

Ami007, If you’re already abroad, then you can register and take the test. But if you’re in India, then you can’t register.

Yes ruhi is right Bambi,congrats for your charter:)

nitya36 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yes ruhi is right > Bambi,congrats for your charter:) thanks hopefully CFAI gets the Indian situation sorted soon…

What have you deceided Nitya36 about this?

may be you guys can refer to,1159 hope it is helpful

Mrs Bamby have read lots of your message in other Sr forums carry on the good work CFAI will surely sort it out we are still waiting to register for L-2 thx Hi cfaboston28 How you doing?good to see your message I am not that lucky.My exp(10 yrs) is in consulting I cant get job even in UAE,Dubai where CFA is booming too(apart from London,Singapore) wrote FRM this year.Might try GMAT+one yr MBA route thx,will update if some good news happen in between (join me on linkedin.url in profile here)

I received the CFA newsletter last night, one of the articles treats the Indian problem: Indian Candidates Featured in WSJ You may have seen a recent Wall Street Journal article depicting the plight of our Indian candidates. If you haven’t read the article, please take a moment to do so. You’ll appreciate how well the candidates interviewed for this story describe the value of a global certification. And the remark of one candidate in particular pretty much sums up their experience: “We pray we can take the exam.” Most of us took attending the exam for granted and simply prayed we could pass it! Unfortunately, the obstacles continue. A recent ruling of the Delhi High Court was not in our favor. The court has dismissed our attempt to operate the CFA Program without working under the auspices of the All India Commission on Technical Education. We are evaluating our options and will continue to do everything in our power to help the Indian candidates.