Can insiders short sale the company's stock?

Short, write buy puts or calls on the company’s stock?

Probably not legally.

Unless they’re members of Congress, of course.


Wasn´t the law protecting members of Congress from insider trading investigations scrapped a few years back?

Anyways, I hear some members of the Fed also like to do some portfolio rebalancing just before official policy news releases.

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I’m pretty sure that I was joking.

OK . . . I checked: I was definitely joking.

(Of course, US senators and congresspeople trade on inside information all the time, yet nobody’s been brought up on charges recently . . . .)


A few years back I read an article that said that congresspeople’s average CAGR was around 15-18 % or something like that. Obvi they still lose to @GorillaNerd but that CAGR alone is a pretty good indicator that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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my performance have been shoddy as of lately. my positions in fb, tcehy, and baba. are killing me. and my repes arent exactly mark to market eitehr. so as prices rise. my repes stay static.

I say* we legalize it and then watch what happens when Tim Cook sweeps the entire LEAP put market for Apple.

That would be a spectacle.


Yeah, a visually striking performance or display, otherwise known as a spectable

Perhaps you mean spectacle.