can not force myself to study

Being lazy to study and actually don’t know what to read, everything seems to be familiar but in mock/practice exams everytime got some tiny things which I don’t remember clearly.

Tried to have a rest (1 day) but it didn’t help, so hard to concentrate and wasting a lot of time by mixing study preparation with watching youtube clips, photos and etc.

I feel you. I think I know stuff but when I do the mock exams everything seems so fucking hard. Much hard than is the exercises in the books.

loll in the same boat as you guys that horrible am so desparate i begin to mix everything each time i do sample exam while in the book everything is just fine

It’s too late to be so worried about these things now. What you do at this stage will not significantly affect your score one way or another.

Mock exams are not designed to be so difficult if you have prepared well. But, there’s nothing you can really do about it now.

Good luck guys.

well then. whip out the hacksaw

Completely disagree. There is nothing in this level that is exceedingly difficult to grasp. It is the amount of material that becomes the problem - you won’t have an answer to every question. The subjects are so vast that any last minute points matter. If you haven’t covered a topic, read the notes and hope a question shows up based on what you covered. Get off AF and get reading these last 2 days - something will stick.

Maybe try to teach someone a concept or 2 and see if you are able to answer their questions

I’m surprised that this topic is coming up so close to the exam. I would’ve expected people expressing their concerns 2-4 weeks before.

Today is the first time I have not been able to study, the day before the exam… Just keep trying to read and end up skimming and cant remember what I read two sentences ago…

Same here. Since Monday, I’ve reached the point where I am just not able to grasp anything new. My scores in the mock so far have not been outstanding, so whatever I try to study, it’s somehow not sinking in. I’ve resigned to just memorizing formulas and going through the key concepts sections in Schweser, and praying that it all goes well.

Relax. You’ll be fine. It’s a bit like eating (or over-eating). Sometimes, you just can’t take any more bites and it’s time to let things digest.

This is a bit of relief to see that other people feel the same way. Up until last weekend I was cruising however the past two days I have just not been able to focus. I feel as though the vague preparation at this stage for me personally is just working up my nerves unnecesarily. I know I have enough of the material down to do well, just hoping I will be able to calm down and focus come game time.