Can not sleep... is anybody still here? GL today

Can not sleep… is anybody still here? GL today

You’d better sleep for your exam tomorrow. Take some hot milk or anything to have a good rest. I’m going for a movie now.

I could not close my eyes. Was up for the whole night. I’ll pass the exam if I stay awake in the exam :slight_smile:

yep. we gonna do it in a few hours. where are you taking it? i am in chicago

me in nyc

Better pound those redbulls or monster drink. I bougth two, one in the morning, another one before the afternoon exam… Good luck

thx…hoping to give my best. good luck

I think everyone can’t sleep… I only slept an hr and a half…

i went to bed 8pm. its now 11pm… I`ll try again at 12pm.

that’s why I delayed to sleep so early… but I slept at 11:30, woke up at 1 AM… and haven’t been able to sleep…

hey where in the world are you acwu?

SF, California. current time 6:21 AM

man, that is going to be one long day for you my friend. Good luck. God speed. I am going to grab a late night feed. Easier to sleep on a full stomach.