Can rahul roy and igor 555 be friends?

Probably not, but the more important question is whether you can suggest me some fiends. It is a very urgent matter.

Raul Roy is one of my favorite posters on this forum and someone I aspire to be like even though his profile pic is of an evil vagina.

^ Hall of fame post, evil vajaja, lmfao.


I will hear no more from you until you give Level 1 exam because ur profile pic is like evil hairy vagina staring around stripper pole.

I am done with you tjcfa


Sex fiends or the regular kind?

greenman we gone over this already. his pic is an evil vagina with a pitchfork, it’s not a stripper pole

i gave and cleared all 3 level sequentially. further i moved from back office IT position where i changed hard drives for top bank of india to now front office at top fund.

Following tjcfa’s recommendation, I have taking a closer look at rahul roy’s avatar and have also consulted with an esteemed colleague.

We came to the conclusion – independently – that it really is a vag!na holding a pitchfork.

Rahul has been slacking off lately. Where’s the joke of the day? I come to this site every morning refreshing the page for an hour waiting for it.

^ Is the pitchfork entering for some sick twisted pleasure? Or is it exiting to pierce any penis attempting to enter?


it’s an evil hairy vag!na, with a pitchfork.

Rahul, what happened to the pic?

First you had a purple picture of you and isildurr holding hands, than Evil V, cant wait to see whats next!

Let the haters hate R Rahul, you good son!

^ I agree. RR is the man.


LMFAO! I love this forum.