Can someone please help with a quick hypothesis question

Is this correct: If T Stat > T Crit = do not reject the null If T Stat < T Crit = reject the null I know it’s basic stuff and I’ve learned it five times, but once again I’m confused.

Reject Ho if If Tcal>Ttab Do not reject Ho if Tcal

Is T calc the same thing as T stat? Is Ttab the same thing as T crit? I just haven’t studied this stuff in a while, and I’m confused. Please don’t think I’m an idiot, I just scored an 85 on the BSAS, I just completely forgot T stat, T crit stuff, and I need some help

we all forgot things along the way :wink:

T cal is what you calculated and t tab is the critical value in the table. Hope this helps.

I’m looking at an example from BSAS, and in the answer Calculated test statistic = 21.49 Critical Value = 13.09 And the answer says “Since 21.49 > 13.09, the statistical decision is do not reject” That’s why I’m confused