Can the outsider purchase property in USA ? 

I would prefer not to purchase a business property or store I need to purchase a flat in California since I need to spend the late spring occasion in USA

in the event that anybody knows something helpful I will be extremely liberal

I would strongly suggest focusing on the bolded parts before purchasing a flat in CA…

You know she is a 30 year old Indian dude, right.

Many years ago I bought a oneway ticket to LA with nothing but a doller and a dream. I came to realize that being on the street was going to be hard. I cried a lot and stayed at the airport with nowhere to go. The good news is there are are a lot of jobs in LA and it’s pretty easy to get involved in hollywood in some manner, and then it is all about your acting ability and financial savvy. I started out as an assistant dolly grip and then got into asset financials.

Could be CvM

Buy a flat to “spend the late spring occasion in LA”. I also do that on Tuesdays.

OP. First check wether your country has a Double Taxation Treaty with the US. If is not the case, you would be taxed brutally && rapidly.

(But maybe nothing to care about if You’re from some Middle East - Oil country).