Can we ask CFAI to stop the closest madness?

I think the MOST frustrating part of the test was doing your calculations and it not being the answer choice.


When CFAI asks for registration fees, I don’t go “Well, you’re asking for 800 dollars and since the last day to pay is somewhere in March for the June exam and since I’m going to pay in August, according to my discount rate, my expectations for inflation, plus a thousand assumptions, my fair value for your registration fees is closest to a 100 dollars”.

No, you ask for 800, I give you 800.

I’m not sure this is a valid complaint.

why not?

Whats wrong with the answer choice being an actual answer?

haha that’s funny ! how you end up choosing the closest answer thinking its the right answer but actually its not, but if we would have known that only the exact answer is the right answer, we probably would’nt have made the mistake !

You’re trolling me, right? You’re doing it wrong, bro. Both the question on the exam and the trolling.

In other news, there were these two questions in Corp Fin that I was sure I had screwed up, and spent a fair bit of my free time solving, and literally like two minutes before time was called, I got both of them right. That was a good feel, man.

I also solved one question just in time which I was trying to solve for last 7-8 minutes. That was like winning a tennis match with an ace.