can we bring bags and check bags into somewhere at the test center?

im gonna take cfa in DC tomorrow, and gonna take subway to go there instead of driving. since cell phone is not allowed in the testing room, i was wondering if i can put my cell phone and maybe some CFA material in a bag, and check the bag into another room/next door/official checking area… so when exam is over i have my cell phone and i can also read CFA material during lunch time. can we?

Yeah, you can only take in pencils / watch / eraser / sharpener / calculator basically. My friend taking L2 said that there may be a designated place to put your stuff. That may depend on the test site too. If it comes down to it, I guess there’s always your car. Check your admission ticket or special instructions…

also in DC, also metro-ing, also not sure where to stow my crap. ideas anyone?

I took it in DC in December. It was at the Walter E Washington convention center…not sure if it’s there again this time around. Anyways, there is a designated area inside of the testing room where you can keep your bag. There aren’t any lockers or anything, so you just put your stuff with everyone else’s. I’d suggest not leaving any valuables in the bag.