Can we circle the question in the Answer sheet?

For the questions, I want to re-visit (e.g., a lengthy calc Qs), Can I circle the question in the answer sheet? so that I will know that I need to come back to this Q.

i dont think u can circle d answer sheet…do watever u want to on d question booklet…

You’ll use the booklet for making circles, crossing out wrong answers or scribble down graphs that’ll help you find the solutions, but you can’t use the answer sheet for making notes. Make a note of the number on the front page of your booklet, if you must, but better still decide on a strategy how to answer the questions you will not be able to answer right away. Jumping between questions will increase the risk of filling in the wrong bubble by mistake, and you can miss lots of points if the entire series of filled-in bubbles gets displaced with one row. My advise is not to leave any questions out. When little time remains, start from the back of the booklet and go through the 10-15 last questions and look for really easy pickings. Fill those out. Then you continue as planned from wherever you were at, and concentrate on the questions you have left. I had about 5 minutes to spare at the end so didn’t really have time to go over more than 1-2 questions at the end.