Can we request from the CFA a breakdown of our result?

congrats to everyone who’s passed and hard luck to the ones who didn’t.
I find it so disappointing to have studied that much and not being able to know how exactly I did in the exam. A mere pass!
Do you think I’d be able to get a breakdown of my results if I have reached out to CFA asking for that information?

There is beauty in not getting your breakdown. For example, I don’t believe it’s irrational to assume that I achieved full marks :nerd_face: This won’t ever be confirmed or denied so why speculate :face_with_monocle:

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nope but you can try.

I don’t think so, but let us know if you try. As I didn’t get a breakdown in 2020 session either.

I sent them yesterday asking for a breakdown but I doubt I will get anything…

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Schrödinger’s cat all over again