Can we talk about Obama's upcoming speech?

His poll numbers are down, and lawmakers seem even more divided now on healthcare reform than they were prior to the recess. Nevertheless, the rhetoric about lower costs and expanded insurance coverage continues to flow out of Washington. Do you think we’ll get any tangible details on Wednesday, or will this speech be another address full of generalized promises and vagaries typical of Obama?

All I know is that I am seeing less and less of those awful Obama t-shirts and hats in Chicago’s loop.

What he needs is a good war to get everyone pumped again. I say go for Iran, he can’t do worse than Bush anyway.

He’s way ahead of you mo. We have a mini surge in Afghanistan now.

But Afghanistan doesn’t count. It’s a black hole anyway. What we need is some fire works, smart bombs, an evil character (think Saddam), embedded clown reporters , the works … :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the patriotic country songs.

Maybe he can grow a set of balls. Otherwise, he can wear a beige cardigan and talk about bipartisanship.