Can we trust SchweserPro?

With few days remaining, I am focusing on Schweser Pro; my goal is to score above 80% in FSA + EQUITY with all the rest of the sections being at least above 70%. Yet im worried that these questions aren’t very representative for the exam. What do you guys think?

I would at least skip all the easy ones.

Not sure its wise but I am only going over my wrong answers. There are a lot of qualitative questions. I should be going over the required reading questions but I just can’t get into them. A lot of them are really drawn out and some don’t even have answer choices.

If you take qbank all hard questions they tend to get pretty computational and in depth, moreso I think than the CFAI questions. If you can handle them you’re in good shape, but they can be confidence killers, too, when they get really hard…sort of like book 7.

i honestly think that the big questions are very difficult, even more so than book 6.