Can we use abbreviations in morning session?

Hey guys! It might be a silly question, but I wonder if we can use abbreviations when answering essay questions in the morning… Like SCV, SCG, LCG, LCV, HWM (high water mark), etc. Please shed some lights on it. Many thanks! - Jen

well given that i have been studying this material for the past 4+ months and have trouble figuring out what those abbreviations mean, i wouldnt risk it.


Why risk chancing it? It’ll take you a few seconds more to write out Small Cap Value.

Well it’s just tempting to use them if given the choice… Agree with the majority then. Thank you all!

took the L3 schweser bootcamp last week…the instructor said you could use abbreviations as long as they are easy to decipher… for example…for standard deviation…use std. dev I plan to use them…though I would use SCG for small cap growth…or what not…unless the problem specifically states it…

Yeah, I’ve been trying to break myself of this habit. I think as long as they can understand what you’re talking about you’ll be fine but you might want to spell out some of the more obscure ones.

I suppose abbreviations for $ should be fine too right? e.g. $k, $M…etc. It’s a hassle to write out those zeros and easy to make mistakes.

I’m taking their lead and how they use abbreviations in their questions. They often name a company like, Bridgestone Financial Dealer (BFD), and in the rest of the question refer to them as BFD. If you use that format I don’t think they would ever penalize you. May save some time, may not.

What about like up arrows and down arrows for increase/decrease?

Same question here! How about arrows, icons, etc.? And maybe a smiling face in the end…:slight_smile: jk.

leave a ben franklin in your AM session.

How about: ERISA, UMIFA, NAIC for legal constraint of institutions?

Jennifer_lin, I had no clue what you were on about in relation to “SCV, SCG, LCG, LCV” until King_Tut spelt it out. I’m not sure they are standard abbreviations so wouldn’t use them in the exam. On the other hand, punterguy’s list of “ERISA, UMIFA, NAIC” abbreviations should be fine, and they are commonly accepted acronyms.

Here are some tips from CFAI folks…