Can we use Erasable Pens for the AM?

Just wondering if we can use erasable black/blue pens for the essay portion. Makes it a lot easier to change your answer… just afraid that the ink isn’t dark enough to be scanned

Anybody have any thoughts?

Erasable pen:


Yes u can because they wouldn’t know what pen u used. But read the reviews first. I guess I’d read somewhere that someones notes in the car went blank in the sunlight because of an erasable pen. Also had read it on amazon or somewhere that these pens are strictly not recommended for exams. You wouldn’t wanna risk it.

I used erasable pen last year and they were able to grade my horrific exam (obviously failed). I’m using eresable pen again this year too. You can use pencil if you want. I’m friends with a grader and they care way more about content vs. whether you used pen or pencil. The problem with pencil is that it rubs off. There are good quality erasable pens. Spend $20 and find what you prefer most.

I used erasable pen on the exam at L3 few years ago. The paper looked neat and clean, and I was able to erase whatever I don’t need, so kind of works…

PS: I failed (Band 10) for other reasons :expressionless:

I am going to use pen again this year.

If I see band 10 this year…oeuf! I’ll be looking for a ledge. So tired of sacrificing springs to this damn exam.

I’m using erasable pen.

Erasable pen can rub off if exposed to heat for whatever reason…

Why would you guys take a chance? If they want pen then give them pen. I don’t think anyone cares about crossouts.

I’m using pencil. I emailed CFA institute and they said they do grade answers written in pencil

I gave a serious thought on using erasble pens considering my horrible writing while doing shweser mock becuase of time pressure and hastiness to quickly write down my mind. While I was doing circle questions I circled, scratched off and circled and recircled options couple time making a big mess. When I reviewed my answers at the end I did not have chance to erase them. Pencils: Advantage–>Erasable; Disadvantage–>erasable; Erasable Pens: Advantage–>Erasable; Disadvantage–>erasable; unintentionally erased due to heat, due to rupture even by fingers. Pens: Advantage–>Not erasable; Disadvantage–>Not erasable; Erasable pens are most dangerous of all due to unitentional erasing. Legal documents are never written using erasable pens. I consider my exam sheet as legal document in case if I had to submit for a recorrection. If you must have to erase, go with pencil, assuming you do not have any arch-foes that would scheme to empty your answer sheet. CFA knows that PM is going to be in pencil so it must have certain arrangement that no one tampers with pencil marks, but with AM they don’t promise this. If magically your answer sheet shows up empty they do not bear the risk. Calm down. Discipline yourself. Follow the instructions. Use pen.

There was a post by rahul with a communication with CFAI saying pencil marks are not graded in AM.

^ yeah i posted the content for interpretation, but nobody cared to discuss…

I am going to use erasable pen.

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Bottom line: pencil is graded, but pen is the 100% “safe” choice.