Can you fail certain sections and still pass? Which ones?

Can I pass if I fail FI or Derivatives or PM?

of course. It’s all about balance, there’s no section you “must” pass.

You can totally fail a section, and if your other sections are strong enough, you’ll pass

+1 at this point if there is a section where you’re really weak, you’re probably better leaving it to the side and making sure you have your other sections under control. If you’re very weak in all three sections, you will need to do some shoring up there as well.

in weak areas, make sure you’ve got basic concepts down so you can make educated guess/eliminate one of the possible answers.

e.g can’t remember how to calculate CTA? you should at least know that under the current method, net assets (equity) are exposed to currency risk, so you should be able to figure out if there is a gain or a loss.

that’s what i’m doing for emerging market valuation. correction, what i WILL do…

would you say the same about failing FRA?

To put other way, which sections one must pass to pass?

Perhaps if you fail FRA and ace the rest you will be fine as FRA is worth what… 25-30%?.. but failing FRA takes alot of marks with it.

What i am trying to say is… its all about your final mark/percentile/ranking. Bombing one section but having the pull of the others should work.