Can you fix our budget?

Lets see what AFers can come up with

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Even after drastic cuts that are possible and raising taxes I was only able to move the budget bust year from 2031 to 2039 and reduce the national debt from 16.5T to 10T

We are doomed

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I managed to push the cliff to 2035. I guess 13 years is enough time to enact “Operation ohai moves to Mexico”.

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I reduced the debt to 57.5% in 2031 and I shrank gov’t from 25.9% of GDP to 21.5% in 2021. I delayed the budget bust from 2031 to 2035.

This is whack; as it leaves out a lot of possibilities; e.g., privitizing social security

I am in favor of just cancelling Social Security payments and contributions for our generation. I’m even ok with the government keeping whatever I’ve paid so far - it is an acceptable tax to prevent the risk of future mismanagement.

Agree with Ohai.

I only managed to get to 2035… ouch. I increased funding for a lot of science stuff and some education. I didn’t take down defense much. I reformed HC and took all the cuts to SS. Gutted some other random programs here and there and increased funding for a few other random things. Def got rid of the ethanol subsidies; what a waste that is.

I’m with you. I’ve always assumed that I’ll never collect, so keep contributions going as long as needed to provide something for current recipients and folks currently over 50. The rest of us are on our own. The folks currently between 50 and 67 would have a reduced benefit based on current age.