canadian high interest savings account

does anyone have any suggestions for a good high interest savings account in canada. i know that altamira and ING offer higher rates than the banks do. is there any catch? higher redemption or other fees? just wondering what you guys recommend. thx.

Use a credit union (a virtual one is even better). They’ll have the highest interest rates (usually on par with the big bank’s GIC rates). ING etc usually have no catches. Just a lower cost structure.

only real diff is it will take an extra business day or two to get your money out of one of them. (as opposed to a big bank)

discussion of a high interest account on a finance forum…classic.

hsbc direct savings. you can withdraw/deposit the money at BMO ATMs at no cost. you can also link it with another bank account to make online transfers between the accounts (also no cost). the only catch is you can’t go into HSBC branches to get stuff done with the tellers–only over the phone or internet

thanks guys!