Canadian Long Weekend

What are fellow Canadian’s planning to do going into the long weekend? With the Canadian markets being closed on Monday I’m trying to decide if I buy in to some of my picks today or wait it out on the sidelines and see what happens over the weekend and Monday in the US. Thoughts?

roll the dice… CREW announced a buyback (I wrote a long letter to dale explaining how capex is best spent on shares, not drilling!)

It’s a holiday on Monday in the US also. Colombus day.

Oh I see, didn’t know that. Also I 100% agree with your comment about Crew. Absolutely retarded for a junior to buy back shares when their yield is 0%…a few other people around the office were bitching about it.

Aren’t we scared that a long weekend means 3 days to digest on Tuesday, instead of 2 days on monday? I had forgotten about Columbus day, so I thought that explained why the DJIA’s flat with the TSX down 600.

TSX is down on Energy & Gold, thats about it.

First, I don’t think they’ll buy too many shares. Second, I think it’s GENIUS to buy back shares!?! If they buy shares they’re buying reserves for under $10/boe. If they drill they find them for $12/boe. In a perfect world, they’d be buying & drilling because they’re both winning propositions.