Canadian Picks

Guys…mainly my Canuck brothers out here…what Canadian companies/areas do you like right now? I’m in the process of moving money over from a pension fund from my former job in S’toon and I was going to transfer it down here to USD and make a bit on the FX, but after talking to a couple buddies back home and a few working in Calgary when I was home two weeks ago, I’m thinking of hanging onto the rising loonie and throwing it somewhere domestic. Any ideas? What do you guys know about Shore Gold? The next big thing or what? They’re supposedly sitting, literally, on a gold mine in northern SK. Stocks, funds, etc. I’m curious to know what you guys like right now.

peyto energy …seems to be on the rise …

Unigold…back the truck up.

Canadian market as a whole (EWC) is a great play on commdoity boom. Canada’s big 5 banks are also much more stable than the U.S. BB’s and financial industry (ie J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Citi etc.) If we’re gonna get into specifics, CN Rail (CNI:NY) is a solid company, rail is a great play on the commodity boom/Asian growth. RIM is also a long time fav of mine. Though it will definetly slow, still everyday I see more and more blackberries everywhere, they’ve gone beyond the point at which a rival (Microsoft for example) could come in and build a superior product and shut them out.

Thanks boys…Damn, I miss my Timmy’s double-doubles. I averaged >1/day when I was home in S’toon for 10 days.

RBC, ECA, REI.UN, POT, G more simply, XIU.

long term, i see some of the small cap Natural Gas companies out of Calgary doing very well if and when gas prices recover and drilling gets back to normal.


I like the venture with some gambles … look out for BVT in a couple of months.

Generally steering clear of anything too tied to Nat Gas as it becomes a play on the weather with inventories and the back log of tie ins from last year. But Peyoto may deserve a mention b/c of strong financials an ability to buy weaker players (even though they liek to grow from the bit). Given long term strenght a few of the mid teir integrateds may be a good bet. Oil sands operations like OPTI certainly deserve a look if you belive there operating problems/cost over run have been priced in.