Canadian traveling to the US for the CFA course: Any visa document needed?

Hey Guys,

Do we need any visa/specific document if plan to stay there for 7-8 days for this purpose?

Even as a precaution while crossing the border, would you suggest taking anything other than Canadian passport, Nexus card?

In response to the inquiry of the US border officials (while crossing the border), I would like to indicate the actual purpose (attending the course instead of giving other reasons as traveling as a tourist etc.)

Would be great to know, if someone can refer to any more reasonably priced airline to book now (from Toronto to Nebraska), or even more affordable way by road (bus/train). Hopefully doesn’t sound too cheap for the forum.

I doubt it.

Those should be sufficient.

American seems to be the cheapest at the moment. I don’t know about busses/trains.

Any particular reason you’re travelling to the US for the exam? Especially Nebraska from Toronto. I don’t get it…

Don’t need anything as you’re just entering as a tourist.

I suspect that he means he’s going to the Creighton University review course.

I’m a Canadian traveling to Nebraska for the same reason. You don’t need additional documents other than your passport. I would just suggest keeping a receipt of your enrollment at Creighton Bootcamp and Hotel booking information on hand in case the custom officer wants to see them.

As for the flights, U.S. airlines tend to be cheaper than Canadian airlines. Think it’s about 15 hour drive one way from Toronto so it would be a huge waste of time to drive. As far as I know, there aren’t any trains that would go from Toronto to Omaha…

What about Windsor week eh?

you sure are dedicated. good luck

That’s a long way to travel… make it worth it.