Cancel and re-write + handwriting

Couple of questions…

  1. In the essay exam, if I cancel and re-write, does it impact my final marks? Is cancelling allowed? Cancelling may look ugly, but what is re-written may be correct.
  2. Does handwriting have an impact? We might write fast because of time constrain, so handwriting too may be ugly.

To answer your 3 questions in order: no, yes, maybe (if illegible).

And for the love of all that’s holy people, stop asking these questions. Just because you’re a L3 candidate that doesnt absolve you from exercising common sense… my god…


Risk is that you get a hardass grader who is super strict… Regardless of official messaging I’m certain there is discretion in the way they award points.

by luck you get a grader who would gives you partial credit and another who goes for the zero… could be the difference of a pass and Band 10

The exams that are very close to passing are graded a total of 3 times to help eliminate graders bias’ so I wouldn’t have that as an excuse if you fail band 9 or 10.

Unless you get three graders with the same bias…sorry I like to fuel the fire lol. Could happen though.

or the case that one grader messed up – pushing you out of the range that is later rechecked

i think if it’s really messy it may look like you are not confident with your answers and that may change your grader’s impression of you, and if the grader cannot read what you wrote at all, then it’s of course a problem…


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