Canceling a reference request

Update: after taking CEO10k’s advice word for word (even called her Jennifer despite not being her name) she finally completed it and the application is submitted.

If you paid to be a member and pass, does it appear automatically on the member search?

So on exam result day it updates with results being released?

Parkinson’s law: a job will expand to fill the time available to complete it.

Give your references some sort of a deadline to complete the questionnaire. And mention that it literally takes 2minutes.

Is she pretty? And are you cute?

Update again: 49 months applied and all approved in less than a day. Will just wait now for results to decide whether to pay and become a member.

I heard once the results come out the wait can be very long with the rush of applicants, but Im starting to wonder because this approval was much faster than I expected even only a few days out.